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The Treasurer Group is proud to be the parties to lawsuits across New Jersey, including, but not limited to: Atlantic City, Camden, Egg Harbor Township, Maidens Landing, Prezanton, Hamonton, Galvey Township, Absecon, Mergate, Bentner, Longport, Linwood, Northfield, Somerpoint, Sea City, May, Mountain Tree, Cherry Hill, Cherry Hill, Sickle Valley Slow Township, Gloster Township, Woodbury, Washington Township, Wordsville, Mountain, Network, Negro, Burke, Burton, County, Cape Burton, County, Grodern, County, Grownn, County, Grodern, County, County, Rawnand County

Established in 2002


Leonard Law Group lawyers can actively represent thousands of customers, know what they need, and get the best results for a particular case. Our lawyers represent all the customers in the major areas of the law, from serious crimes by the Supreme Court to tax audits of millions of dollars in local courts, complicated divorce, immigration requests and big celebrities on TV. Please consult the Ichizo Hokai for free today.

James J. Leonard Jr. appears in courtrooms across the state every day on behalf of those charged with crimes ranging from careless driving to murder. Regardless of size, Leonard is a strong supporter of his client.

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