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For more than 25 years, Gallagher has been helping clients with heavy IRS and tax payments, and has built sound property plans and infrastructure to ensure the financial stability and future of companies and families. The Gallagher saves millions of dollars in excess of his customers and is relieved to know that their legal issues are in the right place with his professional team. Daniel J. Gallagher, Esk. Lawyers are trained primarily in New Jersey and are members of the Pennsylvania Bar Association, and are licensed in the New Jersey High Court, the New Jersey District Court, the U.S. Supreme Court and the Inter-American Tax Court. Dan Gallagher believes that his client's family is the first one, and even when such advice is hard to understand, he provides the necessary advice. The Gallagher promised to let the customer know his situation, hoping to be realistic

Established in 1999


Daniel J. Gallagher, Esk. He is a legal expert who is familiar with the full range of tax laws, real estate plans and government relations. Gallagher provides specialized care and provides each client with sufficient information throughout the legal process. He and his customers both achieve optimal results and maximum reduction.

Gallagher, Daniel J. Esquire, is a lawyer mainly in New Jersey, and is also a member of the Pennsylvania Bar. He is licensed for practice in the Upper Court of New Jersey, the District Court of New Jersey, the Inter-American Tax Court and the Supreme Court of the United States. The Gallagher organization is a B. S、 B . N、 B . N、 B . N、 L . N、 L . N、 Taxicing L . N、 L . N、 L . N . S、 B . N、 B . N、 B . N、 B . N, C. He has mainly practiced in the tax field since 1993. However, he has had a lawsuit in other areas consistent with his practice. These areas include real estate disputes, contractual disputes, and matters related to the New Jersey Election Act. Gallagher has successfully investigated hundreds of lands in the last 25 years and filed and defended hundreds of tax cases, including housing, commerce and casinos, during his tenure as attorney.

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